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Automatic License Plate Recognition & ContainerID

Why it’s Important

With every passing year, security needs become more sophisticated in response to evolving technologies. Automation, in particular, has revolutionized how organizations protect their intellectual property and assets.


Automated license plate recognition (ALPR) is an innovative solution used to automatically record license plates when entering a facility. It’s commonly used by airports, parkades, ship terminals, toll routes, warehouse, and secure businesses to assist with security, billing, and information tracking.

  • Enhanced Security

  • Reduced Resource Requirements

  • Improved Accuracy

  • Improved Efficiency

  • Provides Practical Data

Plate Recognizer Snapshot

  • Blurry images

  • Low-res images

  • Small images

  • Vehicles at an angle

  • Vehicles driving fast

  • Multiple vehicles

  • Plates with icons

  • Plates with stacked characters

  • Plates with 2 rows

  • Plates with tough characters

  • Motorcycles, buses, trucks

  • Vehicles with signs

Snapshot identifies vehicles with or without a license plate present

Powerful, Easy to Use Analytics

  • See what’s happening across all sites at a glance.

  • Search plates by time on site, vehicle type, color, make, etc.

  • Get notified when a certain vehicle arrives or has exceeded its parking time.

  • Easily import data from your ALPR and other systems.

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